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Maradona hugs Corona patient ‘negative’

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The news is really comforting. The fear was with Diego Maradona. Nah, the Argentine football-legend didn’t catch on to Corona in the end. After checking, his cowardly report came negative.

The panic was created because of Maradona. The superstar, who helped Argentina win the World Cup in 1986, is currently coaching the lower division team of the first division, Hymancia. He hugged his teammate in a match a few days ago with his natural passion. Later tests showed that the player named Fukando Contin was infected with Corona. Whether or not the 59-year-old Argentine star was attacked by Corona cast a dark shadow of concern. In the end, nothing happened.

That was on Friday. Later on Sunday, his corona came positive. Maradona’s covid was immediately examined in fear of Corona. His personal lawyer, Matthias Morla, said on Twitter that he was relieved to find his client ‘Diego Maradona’s test report negative. I would like to thank all Argentines. They all prayed for Maradona, worried about him. Everyone stay safe, because Corona has not released us yet. ‘

Argentina is currently one of the largest corona-affected countries in the world. So far, 6 lakh 9 thousand 728 people have been infected with coronavirus in this Latin American country. 21 thousand 46 people died. Argentina is the eighth most affected country in the world. According to Oxford University, at least six out of ten people in Maradona’s country have been infected with corona. Argentina lags behind many other countries in terms of tests. Even among the common people in the country, there is laxity in adhering to hygiene and social distance.

Maradona, one of the best stars in football history, has suffered from a variety of health problems in the past. He was hospitalized in 2004 after suffering a heart attack. His physical condition became serious. Obesity is also his big physical problem. She has controlled her weight twice so far through gastric bypass surgery. He also raised concerns about excessive alcohol consumption. He also took treatment. He had a stomach ulcer in January last year. Later surgery was required. He also fell ill while celebrating a victory for Argentina in the 2018 World Cup.

Everyone was worried about a tweet from his daughter Giannina last year. Giannina wrote, ‘They all killed my father from the inside, which my father never understood.’

After Giannina’s tweet, however, Maradona himself gave a video message saying that he was ‘healthy’. There he mentioned being happy and said, ‘I sleep peacefully every night. Because I work, I work hard. I don’t know what Giannina understands. One thing I understand is, when someone gets older, the amount of care they get from the people around them increases a lot. I am very happy. My health is good enough.

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